Manx TT SuperBike Game Free Download

Manx TT SuperBike
Manx TT SuperBike makes the transition from arcade to console with this 1998 release of the Sega motorcycle racing simulation set on the Isle of Man. Customization features include automatic or six-speed manual transmission, choice of eight custom-built motorcycles, and four modes of racing. There are four tracks in Manx TT Super Bike, two from the arcade and two reversed courses. If you manage to finish challenge races in one of the top three positions, an award of an additional three bonus bikes is provided.
             Manx TT Super Bike was influenced most by Sega's original motorcycle racing series Hang On. Although this port was developed by Pysgnosis, the game was originally developed by Sega's AM3 team for the arcades.

System Requirements:

Processor= 400MHz
RAM= 128MB
Graphics Card= 32MB 
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